Side straps or bands for Globe Wernicke and Macey stacking (Lawyer or Barrister) bookcases

  • Finish/Color: Antique Brass
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 11-1/2" long
  • Size Options: Shorter Longer
  • Timeline: Late 19th Century, Early 20th Century / Globe Wernicke / Bookcases
  • Features: small brackets enable attaching cases side by side
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Side straps or bands for the old style bookcases variously known as sectional bookcases, stacking bookcases or lawyers bookcases. Steel. Antique brass finish. You can rub with steel wool to give highlights and shades (we suggest experimenting on the inside of the band). Sold in pairs (2 bands) with their nails and wedges.

Installed on the outside along the bottom of the sides of the sections, these straps cover the area where the lower and upper sections meet, hiding the seams and securing the two parts to each other. Interlocking brackets on their sides serve to align and connect units standing side by side. We offer these pieces in 2 lengths: 11-1/2″ and 17″ long. They can be cut to length when required for less deep bookcases.

Made from the late 19th century onward by companies like Globe-Wernicke, Macey and others, the bookcases with the retractable glass doors became very popular around the world. These versatile bookcases came in several standard depths, and were given add-ons to adapt them for different functions and styles. We have made available again all the parts, with their fasteners, needed to restore a section.

11-1/2″ long , 1″ wide (the shorter version)