Welcome to Timely Hardware

Historically Accurate Hardware

Timely Hardware is the online arm of B & M Hardware Company, a leading manufacturer, direct importer and wholesale distributor of hardware in the traditional styles. We have been the prime supplier in the antique furniture and old house restoration fields in the USA for many years and are known for the quality and authentic look of our products. Our hardware is not just historically “inspired” – it is historically accurate. We have an extensive selection of hard-to-find hardware that we continue to grow year by year. We started with hardware for traditional furniture, and in more recent years have expanded our line to include builders’ hardware that retains the authentic look of old houses while improving functionality. We believe that our hardware should not just match the look of the traditional and antique hardware, but also operate to modern standards.



Door Knobs
Handels & Pulls

  • Polished Brass (PB)
  • Polished Lacquered (PL or L)
  • Polished Nickel (PN)
  • Brushed Nickel (BN)
  • Oil rubbed Bronze (OB)
  • Antique Brass (AB)