Side Bracket to connect lower and upper parts of “Wilson” and other brands of Hoosier cabinets with clearance for sliding work-top

  • Finish/Color: Steel
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 11" long
  • Timeline: Early 20th Century, Hoosier Cabinets
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Hoosier cabinet side bracket used to mount the upper unit onto the base unit of the cabinet, creating the clearance for the enameled work-top to slide in between the 2 sections. Side clearance denotes the distance a work-top can exceed the cabinet’s side. Vertical clearance denotes the space between the 2 units for the work-top to move in. While typical of the “Wilson” brand, brackets can be used on many others. Heavy gauge steel. Sold each (1 bracket).

HOOSIER kitchen cabinets are the precursors of our hanging kitchen cabinets. They were made primarily in Indiana (hence the name) by several companies, among them The Hoosier, Sellers, McDougall, Napanee, Wilson, Boone and others.

11″ long

1-1/2″ vertical clearance , 1-3/8″ side clearance